A beauty that glows from within.

All of our marine ingredients are sourced with respect, from the seas and oceans offering maximum levels of active ingredients. Our algae are harvested sustainably in open sea or along the shores, following a charter of best practices or in protected zones with respect for biodiversity. We follow “green”extraction methods in 3 steps: maceration,filtering and calibration that not only ensure a high level of safety for our formulations but are also sustainable and deliver high concentrations of the marine active nutrients essential for optimal skin functions.

Algae are the plants of the future with a mineral concentration up to 10, 000 times higher than terrestrial plants. Hence, marine based active ingredients and bio-affinity form the source of extraordinary results in our skin care products suitable for all skin types.

Thalgo has grown overtime in thalassotherapy centers, beauty salons and hotels & spa resorts on three founding values: Marine active ingredients, Professional Excellence and Commitment to Nature.

Through  its facial and body treatment protocols, Thalgo invite the customers to a peaceful, relaxing and unwinding experience.

Enjoy a journey to the seaside with Thalgo marine cosmetic brand  !

To conclude, why choosing Thalgo brand for your Hotel spa  ?

For its strong expertise in the professional beauty rewarded with international renown awards.

For its experience within the Hotel & Spa industry.

For its worldwide presence in 90 countries.

For its commitment to ensure safe and responsible beauty