Available for all to access via Synergy Grill Technology’s website, the new and improved cost-savings tool now not only allows operators to gain a more accurate understanding of the fuel,  CO₂ , labour and maintenance savings that they could  gain, in comparison to their current model of grill. This device also allows customers to understand how much they can save when leasing a Synergy Grill via the recently launched Synergy Contract scheme.

Richard Ebbs, Commercial and Marketing Director at Synergy Grill Technology, outlines:

“With such a precise and detailed tool as this, there really is no excuse for operators to ignore the many cost-saving credentials of a Synergy Grill, especially when the cost-saving calculations can be retrieved in a matter of minutes by filling in a few, simple venue-specific details.

Once completed, the operator will then receive an email which details the potential savings a venue can make.”

To put these potential savings into perspective, one leading pub-chain recently calculated that after replacing their previous grills with a 900 wide Synergy Grill in each of their 400 sites, they will save a whopping £500,000 in energy costs per year, and prevent 4,400 tonnes of CO₂ entering the atmosphere – that’s the equivalent of taking 800 cars off of the road every single year!

Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill Technology, is tremendously proud to be helping operators make these incredible savings, particularly given the current climate where businesses are looking at ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency:

“As a British supplier that has sustainability at the very core, Synergy Grill Technology is delighted to be helping operators reduce their costs and environmental impact at a time where savings are so imperative.

By utilising our new and improved cost-savings tool, we hope that operators will gain a better confidence in the savings that they can make with Synergy – savings, which will ultimately help them to get through these challenging post-lockdown times.”


To discover the savings you can make by switching to Synergy, visit https://synergygrill.com/gas-cost-calculator/

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