Markham, Ontario, November 18, 2020 —Silverware has partnered with Cuboh to help restaurants streamline online orders from marketplace apps such as GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, Chownow, Caviar, Postmates and others. Cuboh replaces multiple tablets at the front of house with a single proprietary tablet capable of 86ing items, accepting and rejecting orders, executing refunds, adding upcharges to orders, and sending all information in real time to the Silverware point-of-sale system. Operators can map their own menus, make updates, and access actionable reports and analytics from one dashboard.

“Restaurateurs today are finding themselves in tablet hell,” said Tyler Gellatly, Cuboh’s director of operations and partnerships. “Demand for online ordering and delivery is rising rapidly as more and more players are entering the market. That means more tablets from these marketplace app providers at the front of house to process incoming orders. That requires a lot of juggling on the part of a restaurant worker hired to do nothing but process online orders and coordinate delivery; there’s bound to be user error.”

For example, a customer may use the notes feature in the mobile app to request extra avocado and hope the restaurant will provide it at no additional charge. However, Cuboh’s ordering-management software captures the request, notifies the customer of the additional charge, and applies the fee on the back end, ensuring no revenue is lost from the transaction.

“We created Cuboh to bring online ordering services together into one device to reduce clutter on the counter and have only one platform on which to train staff and manage orders,” Gellatly said. “When an order is placed, the information populates in Cuboh regardless which app it originated from and automatically sends the order details to Silverware POS, capturing the necessary sales and itemized order history data. Through this integration, all reports and analytics are in one place, eliminating the need for management to compare multiple dashboards. It’s a real time saver.”

Gellatly said Cuboh saves on average one minute per online order due to tablet standardization and automatic POS input. For a restaurant processing 100 online orders per day, that's 100 minutes in paid labor costs saved, or more than 50 paid labor hours saved monthly. Scale it to hundreds of orders and restaurateurs can quickly see a return on their investment.

To date, Silverware and Cuboh have 30 shared customers, including Yolk, Mad Mexican Tacohouse, and Hogtown Smoke.

“We are delighted that Cuboh has become Silverware’s newest integration partner,” said Lucky Thalas, Silverware’s executive vice president. “Given the current challenges of the hospitality industry, restaurants have to maximize revenues driven through multiple online ordering and delivery platforms more than ever. Through this integration partnership, our customers can work with even more food delivery companies and subsequently increase revenues and shave costs by managing a single menu across all platforms now that the ordering process is streamlined through Cuboh.

“Due to the proliferation of online reviews, restaurant operators must do everything possible to ensure accurate and timely order preparation to keep customers happy and returning” Thalas said. “Creating hugely beneficial efficiencies via Cuboh and sharing orders directly into Silverware is key to making that happen. No one can afford negative comments today, especially since it takes many positive reviews to compensate for one bad one.”  

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