Brussels, 2 December 2021. Last month, the latest art-collaborations kicked-off at nhow Brussels, the Creative Hub. On the fifth floor with digital pop-art artist MARTINPLASTICIEN, on the sixth floor with cheerful ROXEHA and in the lobby with Ruggiero. The hotel brings a truly unique art experience and inspires guests with art in hotel rooms and public areas.

Exhibitions in the lobby

The moment guests enter the hotel, they will be inspired by art. Currently by an exhibition from pure craftsmanship from Italy by artist Ruggiero Maria Rutigliano. In collaboration with NooN Consulting Art Center, five pictosculptures from Ruggiero are on display until the 31st of January 2022.

Unique art experiences on each floor

Upon check-in guests can choose which art-form to enjoy during their stay. Hotel rooms are decorated like an artist’s studio: upon entering, there is an explosion of colours and prints, while the sleeping area is just like a blank canvas. Each floor is decorated by a different artist and each room on the floor has a unique piece of art from this artist, which gets all the attention due to its neutral surroundings. Would you like to relive old icons in a modern way? Choose a room on the fifth floor decorated with digital pop art by MARTINPLASTICIEN and meet Steve McQueen and Freddy Mercury right from your bed.


Rather in need of a shot of happiness before your morning coffee? Pick a room on the sixth floor and get out of bed with one of the cheerful art-pieces from ROXEHA. Her universe of round shapes like the sun, mandalas, and other funky figures are guaranteed to make you smile.


If you enjoy abstract art, then one of our rooms on the seventh floor is for you! The up-beat emotions in Jessica Thacker’s abstract paintings, inspired by contemporary music let you face the day with fresh energy. The moment you walk to the elevator, you are completely indulged in a specific art theme.


Regardless the purpose of your stay, whether it is for a meeting or for a day of city-strolling, every room gives you the ultimate nhow experience: a unique view over Brussels or the Botanical garden, a large desk to read or work, state-of-the-art facilities and a bathroom inspired by the photographer's workplace, the darkroom: mysterious, dark, and with a splash of colour here and there.

Urban breakfast in hotel restaurant

After a good night of sleep, guests can have breakfast in a creative, inspiring environment. Graffiti artist Diezijner x With Jeej has decorated the walls, pillars, and the cheat-day-station, where you can get all kinds of pancakes and waffles, with his unique graffiti art.


Open to new talent: send your portfolio

The hotel is open to collaborations with new artists for the remaining floors of the hotel and will renew its exhibitions in the common areas on a regular basis. Are you interested in working together? Send your portfolio to art connoisseur Alain Bouchat via