If you combine the aspirations of a connected, dedicated and footloose generation with the expertise of the world’s most important hotel group, the result is Moxy. The Marriott Group’s millennial brand is putting down roots in Bordeaux, in the trendy area of the Wet Docks. This is good news for Version 2.0 globetrotters but also for the neighbourhood’s inhabitants: the residents, workers and students who can now take advantage of this new landmark destination.

Rooms with a view
The 133 bedrooms of the Moxy Hotel look out onto the attractive vista of the Wet Docks. Guests can choose a panoramic view of the port or the docks, or a window on the garden, as they prefer.  Of the six larger bedrooms set up to accommodate up to four people, five benefit from a 26 sq m balcony with panoramic views to make your head spin.

Local bar, international hotel

The Moxy brings people together. At the bar, people who work or live or study locally mix with those who are here to discover the neighbourhood. An eclectic programme of events alternates presentations by local groups, clothing exchanges and yoga sessions with sessions by local DJs or artists – all taking place on the ground floor, around that long central counter.

The Moxy garden

The Moxy has a secret: an island of greenery, where guests can come to revitalise, whatever the season. This is the silo garden, designed by landscape gardeners François Neveux and Bernard Rouyer. With its giant trees, this tiny Eden, bordered by the terraces of the Moxy and Renaissance hotels, seems to have been here forever.

Solutions for the planet 

At the Moxy, the younger generation’s concerns with fashioning a way of life that respects the environment are heard loud and clear. The hotel is aiming for Green Key and Green Globe certification.