Pathway Consulting Group Limited announces that it is proud and excited to participate in 2 upcoming industry roundtables to help rebuild the travel sector.

Commenting on the announcement, Founder, Director and Principal Consultant Colin Bidewell said: "As we hunt the globe looking for forward thinking and progressive launch markets and destinations for our Lounger Logger(TM) invention and continue to build c19 escape velocity, it has become abundantly clear that there is a wide range of receptiveness to innovation to help build better and we commend both the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development for taking the much needed leadership required and setting example with their stakeholder engagement initiatives."

Colin continues: "The travel sector has been hit especially hard by the effects of the c19 pandemic, with a heavy knock-on effect to hinterland and wider economies compounding issues the sector already had around sustainability, accessibility and profitability. The march of digital technology is unstoppable, consumer wish for sustainable and safe travel product undeniable and ignorance of diversity, inclusion and core ethics inexcusable.

“When new solutions enshrining all these elements and more are adopted properly in travel it can help an operator’s business by managing routine tasks automatically and allow staff to be released to focus on where they excel best in customer care and attract more throughput and trade. This is even more relevant now with social distancing where self-service and using remote devices to protect guest and staff health and safety and limit footfall circulation can literally break chains of c19 transmission whilst offering a superior guest experience with features that didn't exist before the pandemic to win the customer back through the door.

"Technology can work to eliminate bias, error and contention in the guest experience and deploying the same, agile, real-time capacity management platform to manage the lounger deck in resorts, cruise and allied markets via device can, by definition, help defend an operator against an uncapped damages claim in disability discrimination as invention tests and potentially invalidates case precedent with new evidence (without prejudice). This is not only about the case itself, this is about upholding the law for all in society and travel must play its part in responding to the recent events we've seen with contagion and equality by building better, sooner to stimulate further over-recovery from setback. This is about us getting back, sooner rather than later, on a better bike with more pedalpower to succeed and overcome adversity.

"Additionally, technology can help to reduce the negative impact of our conduct on the community including the innocent non-travelling patient in our care systems affected by our own sub-sustainability, plus generate additional revenues via new partnerships. We’re especially excited with the possibilities for the growing wellness and lifestyle sector and how looking at non-transmissible disease prevention can help messaging integrity for those looking purely towards transmissible disease prevention. We’re also acutely conscious of the current placement of UV product warnings in the tour operations sector compared to where the risk actually is and what this means for publicly funded healthcare systems spending too much to treat an 80% avoidable condition in skincancer and the knock-on effect for the innocent patient in our care systems from a basic business ethics perspective.

"Now is the perfect time to be testing, trailing and adopting new tools and solutions that not only address the inequalities in our world but make perfect business sense too and set a new growth trajectory and pathway for us all and elevate the sector’s reputation in compliance. We need to step up our in response to covid 19 – climate change hasn't gone away.

"We look forward to participating in these roundtables and more, to playing our part in building better and thank the respective hosts of these initiatives for inviting and allowing our participation.

“We also thank Hotel Management International and everyone else who's supported Pathway on our journey to date and look forward to supporting clients across both existing and new lines of our business."

Note to editors: Pathway Consulting Group Limited (Pathway) is a UK niche advisory and implementation firm specialising in sourcing, procurement, supplier relationship, value-chain and asset management. We ensure our clients have “the right contracts with the right people for the right things”™©. In 2017, Pathway filed a patent application for the “Lounger Logger-ensuring a fairer sunbathe”® solution to bring breakthrough performance improvements to the travel sector in sustainability, accessibility and profitability. Pathway was a semi-finalist at the Startup Showcase at Travel Forward in the World Travel Market in London in 2018 and finalist at HITEC e20x by HFTP in Palma in 2019.