Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) expands its assistance in industry job searching by partnering with Eric Rogers Global (ERG) to establish a formal process for executive recruiting.

Since HTNG's inception, the organization has always played an informal role of connecting professional opportunities with qualified candidates in our industry. Earlier this year, HTNG launched the HTNG Career Center, in partnership with Hospitality Upgrade. Now, HTNG is taking its referral and networking process one step further with ERG.

"What the industry also needs is additional resources to assist folks with higher executive-level positions," said HTNG's CEO Mike Blake. "We see a great fit with ERG and are very excited to partner with them to continue to build on our efforts to assist the industry."

Eric Rogers, Principal ERG, comments, "I started ERG with an idea that has been on my mind for the last ten or so years, and now seems to be the time when it is really needed. As I know from my own career, there has never really been a specialist recruiter for our industry, meaning we engage with local or international recruiters with no real knowledge of our market, and therefore a limited pool of candidates to choose from. Especially during this COVID-19 time, it is great to have the chance to help my community to find new roles within our hospitality family."

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