Miami Springs, Fla. — March 22, 2022 — Hoteliers continue to invest in technologies that provide contactless guest and staff experiences and that digitalize labor-intensive tasks. Guesthub is a new web-based app successfully streamlining communications and workflows for hotels operating with reduced staff. Developed by Eurobuilding Hotels Group, this Guest Experience Management solution facilitates everything guests may need along their journeys, from reservations to reviews. In addition to boosting a hotel’s bottom line by taking better care of guests, Guesthub is proving to boost employee morale and loyalty.

“As I talk with hoteliers today about Guesthub, I am continuously asked: ‘Do your employees like using it?’ This is a critical question, because if hotel associates don’t want to engage with a solution, there is no sense in having it,” said Carlos Vollbracht, Guesthub product owner. “So, we set out to ask users what they think of the app — from frontline workers to managers — and how it is impacting their work life. The comments were enlightening. Most are so positive, that we wanted to share them with the industry.”

Here is what hotel users of Guesthub are saying:

“Guesthub helps me do my job more efficiently, especially when it comes to package tracking. This app helps me register a parcel the moment it arrives, and it provides a messaging platform so we can let guests know that a delivery is waiting for them at the front desk. Now we can keep better track of packages and ensure that guests’ requests are being addressed the moment they come in – cutting down on complaints. That in turn lowers my stress level and makes my job more enjoyable. To put it simply, Guesthub works well and it’s easy to use. Having Guesthub makes me more loyal to EB Hotels because it shows me that management cares about me by giving me tools to help me take better care of guests.”

   Nicole Afiuni, Front Desk Agent, EB Hotel Miami

Guesthub helps us expedite processes and save time. It keeps track of the guests’ requests, including any internal requests that need to be carried out immediately. The messaging feature allows guests to tell us exactly what they need or want, so there is no guessing by staff, and we can fulfill their specific needs. Knowing that we have a mobile app in place that makes the guest’s stay easier — from food-and-beverage ordering and housekeeping requests to tracking lost-and-found items and even guest parcels — and our employees’ lives easier, makes my job that much better. This is a stressful time to be operating hotels. A lot of people are leaving hospitality. Knowing that our owners are doing everything possible to streamline service makes me happy to remain in this position for many years to come.”

—   Carlos Arango, Quality & Sustainability Manager, Hotel Caribe, Cartagena Columba,
and Faranda Hotels & Resorts

“With Guesthub, there is no miscommunication and no time wasted transcribing orders – which could potentially lead to mistakes. It not only saves time for us, but guests can multitask; they can be on a video call and ordering [a meal] at the same time through the app. And, because we are working with a reduced staff, I don’t need to designate a person to answering room service calls. Orders are placed on the guest’s mobile phone. There is no waiting and no disputes over prices; they see what they will be paying before the order is sent.”

—   Dunio Pozas, F&B Manager, EB Hotel Miami

“Having a mobile app with Guesthub’s functionality is practical because people are stuck to their cell phones. If we can close the communication gap between staff and guests using mobile technology, everyone wins. Guests can place orders faster without having to pick up a room phone or walk down to the restaurant. I especially like that Guesthub reduces the need for me to review, update, and print physical menus; I can modify them easily and without changing the convenient QR code.”

—   Daniela Hedian, F&B Manager, EB Hotel by Eurobuilding Quito

“With Guesthub, people can order food and beverage in a relaxed manner, without the pressure of having to deal with waiters or bartenders over the phone or in person. Placing our menu on the mobile app gives guests the opportunity to view different dishes in a beautiful presentation. It’s easy to use and its quite intuitive. Also, if I am tending bar and an order comes in, an app alarm will sound, alerting me that an order has been placed. This ensures that I don’t get distracted and every order receives top priority.”

—   Alberto Cardosa, Bartender and Waiter, EB Hotel Miami

“As a shuttle driver, Guesthub helps me locate passengers in an exact zone within the airport, and it gives me a description of what they’re wearing and a phone number to contact them. Passengers are given my name and photo, along with a van description. The app tells them how long the wait will be and how long it will take them to get to the hotel once they are picked up. This alleviates any stress and makes the trip more pleasant for everyone. As a bellman, I enjoy Guesthub’s package-tracking feature. It shows me where packages are located, along with the time of delivery, and it requires a signature when packages are picked up. With everything digitally recorded, it makes this task a lot easier. It also makes the hotel look good. Guests see an organized system is in place so they feel safe that their packages will not be misplaced. This is a practical tool that is easy to use without complication.”

—   Ramón Noguera, Bellman and Shuttle Driver, EB Hotel Miami

“Guesthub helps in so many ways. First, the shuttle tracking feature lets the front desk know the driver’s exact location so we can provide a more exact estimated time of arrival to guests. Second, enabling guests to order F&B from their mobile devices vs. calling the house phone ensures that people aren’t put on hold when the kitchen gets busy and it’s freeing up staff to do other things. Guesthub removes any inconveniences in service. Because everything is online today, travelers expect to engage with the hotel digitally. It gives them total control of their orders and experiences. Guesthub gives guests control and immediacy.”  

—   Maripily Martin, General Manager, EB Hotel Miami

“Overall, Guesthub helps me to ensure that my staff are working efficiently and that guest requests are fulfilled in a timely manner. There are no intermediaries; requests reach the involved department directly, saving time and labor through streamlined service. When requests are entered into the app, supervisors can immediately follow up if there is an issue and an incident is not resolved within the established time. For those guests who prefer self-service and limited engagement with staff, Guesthub facilitates communication and provides a blanket of security that service levels will not suffer.”

—   Richard Perdomo, General Manager, EB Hotel by Eurobuilding Quito

“Happy employees make for happy guests,” Vollbracht said. “When there is less stress on the job, it builds loyalty. And in today’s endemic times, as we collectively work towards recovery, we need loyalty more than ever before. It’s reaffirming to know that Guesthub is enjoyed by all.”

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