Available to the market from October 2020, Hoshizaki’s BeerMatic Dual Tap proves to be a particularly ideal solution for operators working to low staffing levels, or staff with limited bartending knowledge and experience. The BeerMatic Dual Tap allows operators to serve consistent, traditional style beer and lager by the simple press of the button with minimal training as Simon Frost, Director UK & Ireland explains:

“With the capacity to pour two drinks simultaneously, staff simply need to place their beer glasses within the BeerMatic Dual Tap and press the button in order to achieve premium served pints or half pints. Once the button has been pressed, the machine automatically tilts the glass so that the flowing beer will cascade down the side of the glass for a perfect beer to head ratio. Just 15 seconds later, staff are able to serve.”

The DBF beer dispenser is also perfect for operators that have recently set-up an outdoor area or pop-up in-line with government advice on utilising open spaces for the purpose of social distancing. Plus, because the BeerMatic Dual Tap beer dispenser has an internal chilling system and offers the ability to connect directly to a standard keg, kept at room temperature, even businesses with limited facilities are able to add freshly poured pints to their menus.

Also designed with waste, hygiene and safety in mind, the Hoshizaki’s BeerMatic Dual Tap significantly reduces risk of spillage and beer wastage due to the automatic aspect of this unit. Plus, the units’ accurate automatic dispensing technology also reduces contamination risks as less touch points are created during the pouring process.

For more information on the BeerMatic Dual Tap, or on Hoshizaki, please see www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.