The hotel operations procedures (housekeeping, maintenance, f&b and so on) have a huge impact on your guests, the same way your guests have to these departments.

Therefore, you will want to pay attention to both of these key players in our industry.

Guests want to be more and more in control of their experiences in and out of the hotel room.

Simultaneously, the staff wants to be empowered with the proper tools to reduce operational stress, with as little manual work and miscommunications as possible.

This is where the hospitality technology rolls in and where HUB can you thrive!"

Select your hospitality tech kit wisely, meaning you should pay attention to its user-friendliness, its automation approach, flexibility, available integrations and, of course, its cost-effectiveness.

It’s quite important that the solutions you implement are well integrated so your departments are connected as well.

How will you give a personalised guest experience and support your staff in their duties?

Rethinking, transforming and streamlining every single ongoing process at your hotel. Then you will be able to choose the operation management system such HUB Buildings that will better respond to your guest & staff needs. 

Let’s sit down and acknowledge the following key points:

1. Listen to your staff

Learn from them, they’re in the field every day, they suffer for not having the right tools or due to manual and complex processes.

So, before anything else, sit down with your teams and actively listen to them. This will be the best way for you to know which tools you need to implement asap.

2. Easy and intuitive tool

Naturally, without an user-friendly and intuitive software, you won’t go far.

Don’t simply go for the fanciest (and the most expensive) software, look instead to how straightforward it is to work with on a daily basis and its adaptation.

3. Go Digital & Go Mobile
Your operations team is always on the go, so release them with a simple yet powerful mobile app that allows them to do anything without interruptions.

4. United departments & tools
Departments that are connected communicate more effectively and are on top of everything.
That being said, it’s crucial that your maintenance, housekeeping, front desk and guest tools are integrated.

By doing this, whenever your guest reports a fault, all your teams are aware. Once your technician fixes it, a cleaning can be requested and, finally, your Front Desk can update the guest and offer them a drink at the bar.

This is all thanks to the amazing automation and real-time updates working on your behalf!

5. Reduce your response-time and costs
Your teams are perfectly connected, which leads to less miscommunications, errors and a higher productivity.

6. Enhance guest experience
Warmly welcome your guests, personalise your service and offer the comfort away from home that they’re looking for.
Give them the control to a frictionless experience by grating a contactless way to book a table at your restaurant, decide when the cleaning takes place or report any incident.

Lead your guests to an experience that they look forward to repeating.

Wrapping up for today, implement the solutions that will place you as both guest and staff centric hotel.

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