For a second consecutive year Empiria Group partnered with Mexoxo to support their initiative of empowering women through educational talks and workshops at Empiria’s founding property,  Vedema, A Luxury Collection Resort in Santorini.

Over the weekend from the 21st – 23rd October, the two- day bootcamp offered participants the chance to deepen their knowledge and skills by meeting professionals in their respective fields. New for this year, Mexoxo expanded its collaboration with INCO Academy, specialsing in future driven industries and, the charity arm of Google which focuses on social enterprise and mentorship to further deepen and diversify the participants’ knowledge within their particular industry.

Kalia Konstantinidou, Vice President of Empiria Group stated, “‘We are euphoric and honoured to have joined forces with Mexoxo for this novel educational program, organised for its second consecutive year. Empiria and Mexoxo share the same values, commitment and vision for women’s socio-economic empowerment, equality, diversity and inclusion. At Empiria Group, we strive for equal opportunities and encourage our teams to endorse the same mentality. We are confident that this program will unveil a bright future for all those who attended.”

The goal of this year’s Bootcamp remained the empowerment of women and the promotion of their skills through “superpower sessions” to level up their knowledge and expertise by attending workshops with industry specialists. The sessions provided an enriched educational experience, as well as an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate with others professionally.

Highlights of the two-day bootcamp included a panel discussion hosted by Kalia Konstantinidou, Vice President of Empiria Group and Niki Smirni, Founder & CEO of Travel Gems, a leading retreat company in Europe. Their discussion focused on leading luxury hospitality both in a professional and personal capacity, dedicated to empowerment within their chosen industry. Niki Smirni commented, “It was my pleasure and honour to talk with my friend and colleague Kalia Konstantinidou and to share the truth of our everyday life with so many wonderful women, who strive to develop with faith and enthusiasm! Their thirst to learn gave me so much strength too! Thanks to Mexoxo for the work they do! Don’t stop for a minute!” Other highlights included an engaging session led by Spyros Tsoukalas, Founder of Technology Without Boarders and GrowthMentor which demystified the world of No Code, showcasing its vast potential. Spryos also displayed empowering ways for participants to build their first website and publish it online, whilst also endorsing entrepreneurship. Spyros Tsoukalas commented, “I was honoured to share my knowledge in the field of No Code with the amazing Mexoxo women who joined us in Santorini. We made a clear step towards women’s empowerment and education.”

Amalia Spyratou, Academy Director, and Mariedina Linardou, Account Manager and Coursera Support at INCO, also hosted a “Women Will” session as part of the ‘Grow with Google’ program, focusing on the economic empowerment of women worldwide by addressing gaps in information and working towards a more equitable world one step at a time. Amalia stated, “It was a true pleasure to be part of Mexoxo’s bootcamp this year and to get the opportunity to meet all the amazing beneficiaries. Hosting the bootcamp at Vedema with its impeccable hospitality and luxury services, only made the experience greater.”

As part of this ongoing collaboration between Mexoxo and Empiria Group, Empiria Group covered the accommodation expenses of Mexoxo members during the their trip to the US, as they proudly championed two key fundamental activations; including the Obama Foundation, focusing on climate crisis, creating future collective pathways of change, the Clinton Global Initiative aiming to implement solutions to solve health equity and inclusive economic growth, and Concordia Annual Summit, a public-private sector forum battling societies’ most urgent issues, such as the distribution of mental health services and sustainability.

Mexoxo was proud to continue this collaboration with Empiria Group in an effort to reward the dedication of women who invest in education and seek professional advancement for their years bootcamp.