Diversey, a global leader in hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions, has launched a pioneering initiative. The first of its kind to be UN-approved for classified liquids, Diversey has developed the fully recyclable “SafePack™” pouches. These pouches aid their customers in lowering carbon emissions, reducing plastic waste, and meeting the highest standards for recyclability.

This latest innovation is a further step in the company’s sustainability ambition. Pouches with concentrated products are one of the most efficient cleaning & hygiene propositions. They allow users to refill reusable spray bottles over and over again, thus improving plastic reuse and minimising waste. By now ensuring the pouches are fully recyclable, Diversey is providing a greater contribution to the circular economy.

Their efforts to reconsider the materials they use now allows for complete recycling. SafePack™ pouches are made from monolayer Polyethylene; a better option for the environment and easier to be recycled. 

Many corporations will be aware of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the expectations bestowed upon them as a result. In a drive to minimise the environmental and health impacts of waste, global and EU regulations surrounding packaging are changing; with a particular focus on single-use plastics.

Diversey’s new SafePack™ pouches are an evolution of their predecessors. Still providing an excellent robust and drip-free design that meets the highest standards for recyclability, there are now new and unique benefits:

  • Meet the new criteria for eco-certification.
  • United Nation-approved pouches for ADR (classified) liquids.
  • 1.5L pouches upgraded to 2L; larger in size makes for less waste.
  • Reduce plastic waste.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Lower CO2 emissions.
  • Meet customers’ sustainability demands.
  • Contribute to the Circular Economy.


Just one pouch holds enough concentrated cleaning solution to fill many spray bottles once diluted, over and over again. Considering the same spray bottle can be reused, the CO2 eq. generated can be just 0.11, compared to a previous 24.7*!

*one case (6L) of concentrated kitchen cleaner disinfectant equals 400 Ready-to-Use bottles.

This provides an evident stride towards a cleaner and better world. Antoine Rocourt, Executive Director of Sustainable Development at Diversey, had some closing insights to share:

“For over 95 years, we’ve been developing and delivering innovative products, services, and technologies to revolutionise cleaning within a variety of sectors, whilst protecting the environment.

“We improved our packaging footprint by moving from RTU to concentrated products. Pouches with concentrated products are one of the most efficient propositions for kitchen cleaning & hygiene, building maintenance, and floor care. Spray bottles can be refilled over and over again, thus minimising plastic waste, using simple, safe, closed, off-the-floor systems.

“Ensuring that the pouches are fully recyclable to new eco-standards and EU green packaging guidelines is a further step-up in our corporate ambition that all of our Core Packaging contributes to the Circular Economy.”