BETHESDA, Maryland and SEATTLE, Washington (August 11, 2021) —  React Mobile, the most trusted provider of hotel panic button solutions, and Curator Hotel & Resort Collection (“Curator”) today announced a partnership agreement that enables hotels in the Collection to use React Mobile’s best-in-class safety device platform to keep their employees safe. Hoteliers within Curator can deploy React Mobile’s GPS geolocation and Bluetooth® beacon technology to provide unparalleled accuracy to locate an employee in distress. The company has the largest hotel customer base of any panic button technology.

“Curator is pleased to partner with React Mobile to help our member hotels protect their employees,” said Austin Segal, Curator’s Vice President. “React Mobile is no stranger to many of Curator’s properties, having been deployed in 36 hotels to date.  We are confident in their ability to deliver cost-effective and accurate safety solutions, and we look forward to working with them to protect our members’ most vital asset ― their staff.”

Participating Curator members can equip their employees with a discreetly wearable LTE panic button device that can quickly be tapped when help is needed. Each button has its own unique employee identification. Small battery-operated Bluetooth beacons in each room provide the employee’s location. The alert and location are sent over the local LTE network to the hotel’s security network so the management team knows exactly who needs help and where. While the alert is active, the system tracks the location of the employee in real-time. React Mobile’s flexible cloud-based platform enables Curator hotels to customize the software and integrate with other systems already in use. The React Mobile Dispatch Center will configure a hotel’s response team and notification lists, actively monitor beacons and buttons for connectivity and battery life, issue alerts, update responders in real time, and track and log all alert history.

“React Mobile is proud to be Curator Hotel & Resort Collection’s preferred partner for employee safety devices,” said React Mobile CEO John Stachowiak. “Implementing technology post-pandemic can be a daunting task, but with employee safety at risk, especially in a hotel environment, it is critical. React Mobile is making its alert buttons easier and more cost-effective to deploy. Not only will our solution equip employees at Curator hotels with much-needed ― and government-mandated ― safety devices, but by investing in employees’ personal safety, React Mobile will have a positive impact on new hire attraction and job retention.”

Curator Hotel & Resort Collection is an owner-centric hospitality platform that offers a competitive alternative for independent lifestyle hotels wishing to amplify their performance. Curator provides member hotels with best-in-class operating agreements, services, technology, and other benefits while associating together as part of the Curator Hotel & Resort Collection—allowing members to retain their independence and what makes them unique.

Today, React Mobile is providing panic button solutions to the finest hotels in the country, with more than 600 hotel customers representing 110,000 rooms covered and more than 50,000 panic buttons deployed. For a video description of React Mobile, click here.