Judged by a jury of design experts, the ADI Design Award identifies Crem’s EX3 espresso machine as a perfect example of how a smart concept design can improve a product. In this case, Nacar Design devised the machinery for Crem with the aim of achieving a coffee machine adaptable to any type of business, large or small – a project which was positively valued by the jury who commented that the project was "Well resolved, with a new perspective on the coffee machine.”

Anders Bäckström, Field Marketing Manager for Crem UK & Ireland, is thrilled to see the Crem EX3 get the recognition it deserves:

“To walk away with three prestigious design-award-wins for our EX3 model is a major achievement for Crem. We are truly honored to have received this accolade, alongside our IF and RedDot award-wins, and that our pioneering EX3 model has gained the prestigious reputation that it deserves.”

Having been designed from a 360-project approach, the revolutionary EX3 range truly puts the specific needs of the operator at the forefront, both from a technical and design point of view. In fact this new concept is so focused on the design-led desires of operators, that customers can even configure their individual EX3 model, both internally and externally.

For further information on the Crem EX3, please visit www.crem.coffee website or call Welbilt UK on 01483 464900.