To our friends and colleagues in the hospitality industry and beyond, we hope you are all safe and well.

In these most challenging of times, here at Hotel Management International we will be making every effort to keep our community abreast of the latest strategic, legislative and industry developments, providing the best possible support and service to our employees, EHMA members, subscribers and key partners.

Hotel Management International recognises its vital role in supporting the hospitality sector throughout this COVID-19 crisis, offering a platform for dialogue among our existing and new key partners, providing an ongoing educational platform, and eliciting comment and guidance from the most influential names in the sector. Despite ongoing operational difficulties, our energies will continue to be fully focused on the delivery and preservation of our services, supporting the demands that the hospitality industry faces in these uncertain times.

Keep an eye out for our latest digital version, going live soon, and we also have a number of interactive webinars and virtual events in the works, which should help to keep the cabin fever at bay and encourage the sharing of best practises and new ideas. Please keep an eye out for announcements over the coming days and weeks.

We, as an industry, need to work in far closer collaboration than ever before. What we are experiencing is unprecedented in scale and reach. During these times, ongoing dialogue is of paramount importance as we navigate our way through the storm. Please remember: nobody should be facing this challenge alone.

As always, we would also really like to encourage your input. If there is a specific element of this crisis you would like to see addressed, or a particular forum you think should be established, please do not hesitate getting in touch. Let’s build it together!