“Enabling Security Everywhere” has been the focus of React Mobile since its inception. Our company was founded on the principle of making safety simple for every hotel employee through technology. While COVID-19 has been devastating to everyone in the travel and hospitality industries, it appears to have a silver lining: The hotel industry is improving the safety of hotel workers everywhere.

Daily I read reports of new technologies entering the hotel space that are designed specifically to make hotels safer for staff and travelers alike. SafeScanRX is a start-up company in California with strong synergies to React Mobile, and their temperature screening kiosk caught my attention as a solution that will help hotel employees get safely back to work.

The SafeScanRX Fever Face Scanning Kiosk screens anyone entering a hotel for fevers before entering the back of house to clock in, front of house to check in, or event spaces with exterior access. A thermal scanner camera detects facial temperatures of people while they are wearing a mask and alarms anyone trying to enter the property without one.

Intrigued, I reached out to the company to learn more. Here is what Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Operations David Botello had to say: 

“When COVID-19 hit, I reach out to my friend and fellow entrepreneur Jon Dilworth to research the many face-scanning and temperature-screening solutions popping up in countries that have had prior pandemics like South Korea and determine if they are viable solutions for the new normal business environment here in North America. Both Jon and I have experience running successful businesses (including restaurants) and we wanted to see what we could do to help people feel safe entering a business. Based on our findings and leveraging  our experience and technology connections, we knew we could source a much better product ― and we did, with SafeScanRX. Initially we thought factories and warehouses that employ essential workers would be our target market. But when we saw the devastating impact that COVID was having on hotels, we knew we needed to concentrate here. From initial discussions with hotel owners and operators, our instincts were confirmed. They need and want SafeScanRX.”

David explained that SafeScanRX is Android based and very easy to set up. For employees, the SafeScanRX Fever Face Scanning Kiosks can be placed in the back of house near the timeclock. The company is working on integrating with payroll company’s timeclock systems to streamline functionality (scan the workers’ face, take his/her temperature, and clock the person in). For overnight guests or the public attending a function, kiosks can be placed at the hotel’s entry points or the front desk. If a temperature is detected, the screen turns red and an alarm will sound notifying hotel personnel that the guest should not be granted access. In some cases, the kiosk can be tied to a badge reader so that when a person is cleared, a sticker will be printed that the person will be required to apply showing that he or she has passed health screening. If a person is walking around the hotel without the sticker, it will trigger security. In addition, the device is easily integrated with security access door locks for an added security measure for entry into certain rooms.

As the hospitality industry transitions to a contactless environment, technologies like SafeScanRX will have long-term investment benefits; we are already seeing a need for contactless employee clock-in/-out. With planned integration to payroll companies and timecard entry systems, it only makes sense to add temperature scanning to the mix.

COVID-19 is the first pandemic of our generation, but unfortunately it won’t be the last. React Mobile is committed to not just developing best-in-class employee safety device technologies, but we are dedicated to identifying other solution providers who we believe will do the same. As technologists, it’s more important than ever before that the vendor community unite for the common goal of doing whatever it takes to get doors open responsibly, and keep travelers coming back safely.

We encourage all hoteliers who are looking at supplementing their React Mobile employee panic button program with a temperature screening solution to consider SafeScanRX. The tablet and 3D camera hardware has a small footprint that is not obtrusive to any public or private areas. It’s an out-of-the-box, plug and play solution that will quickly enhance the safety protocols of your hotel. David told me that his  company is looking to scale quickly, and they are eager to find single hotels and multi-property operators willing to participate in a 30-day trial. If you’re interested or have questions, reach out to us today.

Here are a few other companies that React Mobile has developed strategic partnerships with to further our efforts of keeping all hotel employees safe:

  • Amadeus — React Mobile has partnered with Amadeus to power widespread panic button alerting capabilities for global hotel brands utilizing HotSOS Housekeeping. The integration uses the HotSOS Housekeeping location of where a hotel employee last checked-in/out to pinpoint where they are when pressing the React Mobile Bluetooth Panic Button. Then an alert notification will be fired off to a Dispatch Center to select emergency contacts for immediate response.
  • ALICE — Hotel operations is made simple with an all-in-one platform that streamlines operations and communication, boosts productivity, and increases guest satisfaction. Gain visibility and transparency into all operations to make the best decisions for your hotel. React Mobile is referred by ALICE as a must-try hotel technology solution.
  • Beekeeper — Like React Mobile, Beekeeper is a mobile-first communication platform that reaches every shift, location, and language through real-time messaging and targeted streams. Managers keep frontline teams productive and turnover low by automating workflows, while leveraging an analytics dashboard to measure engagement. Beekeeper integrates with existing operational systems and makes them accessible in one central portal.
  • CommScope / Ruckus — Together React Mobile and CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM) are providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for keeping workers safe. The combined solution comprises CommScope RUCKUS wireless access points (APs) with integrated IoT and React Mobile’s ESDs. By leveraging the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons in RUCKUS Wi-Fi APs, businesses can quickly, easily, and cost effectively meet state and local government mandates to provide “panic buttons” to all lone workers.
  • Knowcross — React Mobile teamed with Knowcross to power widespread panic button alerting capabilities for global hotel brands utilizing KNOW Housekeeping. The integration uses the KNOW Housekeeping location of where a hotel employee last checked-in/out to pinpoint where they are when pressing the React Mobile Bluetooth Panic Button. Then an alert notification will be fired off to a Dispatch Center to select emergency contacts for immediate response.
  • Nuvola — Nuvola is a comprehensive hotel software company focused on hotel operating efficiency, asset management, and guest experiences. Nuvola provides hoteliers a clear visual of hotel to improve operations, activities that can be accessed from anywhere through cloud-based technology. React Mobile integrates with Nuvola’s Housekeeping module to provide a turnkey safety solution.
  • Volara — React Mobile and Volara are voice activating safety alerts. Volara provides voice-based guest engagement software running on in-room hardware like the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. Customized to your property, Volara knows how to get your guests talking.