Easy to use and carry design, integrated credit card payments and built-in printer, scanner and Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) combine with InfoGenesis POS functionality to maximize staff flexibility, efficiency and customer service

Agilysys, Inc. (NASDAQ: AGYS), a leading global provider of hospitality software solutions and services, announced at their just concluded Inspire  user conference the release of IG Fly, a mobile all-in-one ordering and payment solution that combines the power of InfoGenesis POS functionality with the ability for staff to serve customers “on the fly” across dining and retail venues.

IG Fly incorporates all the POS security innovations and robust functionality inherent in InfoGenesis while equipping staff to enter orders, process payments and print receipts tableside to improve customer service and eliminate time-wasting trips to fixed terminals and check-out counters.

IG Fly maximizes flexibility through mobile ordering and payment convenience without sacrificing functionality, retaining all the robust enterprise-level POS, data analysis and workflow capabilities possible when using InfoGenesis on fixed terminals.

IG Fly’s light-to-lift-and-hold design eases staff adoption and use, while its clean and intuitive screen design and user interface simplify training. IG Fly also preserves user choice for payment processors and the devices they support. The initial launch partner for IG Fly is Shift4, with additional payment providers to be certified in the coming months.

Rohith Kori, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Product Strategy, said, “We developed IG Fly in response to customers wanting the freedom and flexibility of all-in-one mobile ordering and payment convenience without having to sacrifice the robust POS functionality and market-leading security they count on from InfoGenesis. IG Fly fits that bill.”

“Shift4 and Agilysys have had long standing partnership in delivering transformative payment solutions for the hospitality sector," stated Michael Isaacman, Chief Commercial Officer at Shift4. "Our collaboration with Agilysys on IG Fly exemplifies our shared dedication to empowering businesses through enhanced operational efficiencies and superior customer experiences."