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As an association helping finance, revenue management, IT, marketing and asset management professionals in the hospitality sector develop their careers and network, as well as keeping them up to date with industry trends and developments, HOSPA – the Hospitality Professionals Association – joins Hotel Management International as a new associate partner. Jane Pendlebury, CEO of HOSPA, introduces the company and discusses its dedication to the hospitality industry.

The road to recovery

In a market rocked by uncertainty, where the definition of ‘new normal’ seems to change by the day, to what extent are we in a position to envisage a recovery, and can things ever be the same again? HVS London chairman Russell Kett outlines some possible scenarios for the European hotel market and provides hoteliers, investors and owners with some cause for cautious optimism as the sector responds to unprecedented challenges.

An object lesson

With travel restricted and holidays cancelled, few industries have suffered more over the past few months than hospitality. How, then, has Elie Younes managed to sign over a dozen new hotel deals for Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) during a period of extended lockdown? Andrea Valentino talks to the executive vice-president and chief development officer at RHG, to learn how he turned adversity into opportunity in the past months – and why he’s optimistic about the future of the industry at large.

Room to grow

Midway through the third quarter of 2020, the hospitality sector’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic has varied significantly worldwide. While most countries imposed some degree of lockdown, the length and severity varied between nations, leading to considerable differences in performance five months into the pandemic. STR looks at the stories behind the numbers.

Look to the future

As hotels around Europe continue to battle Covid-19 through strict health and hygiene measures, hoteliers must also be willing to look further into the future. President of the European Hotel Managers Association Ezio A Indiani shares how the organisation is helping hoteliers wrestle with the demands of a pandemic-stricken world and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Time to rest

An imposing complex of baroque buildings situated at the intersection of Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus; the London Trocadero has been many things. When the building first opened its doors in 1896, it was a restaurant owned by J Lyons and Co, with decadent opera interiors and Arthurian murals that snaked along its grand staircase.

Earn your independence

Thanks to all the soft brands and collections launched in the 2010s, independent hoteliers looking to partner with a larger group would seem to be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right fit. So why are some brands growing so much faster than others? And what has independence got to do with it? Tim Gunn turns to Philipp Weghmann, European vice-president of Preferred Hotels and Resorts, and Mark James, Marriott International’s director for collections brands in Europe, for answers.

Virtual innovation at play

Held as a virtual event in May 2020, HTNG’s TechOvation saw an unprecedented four entrants announced as joint winners. Ranging from in-room guest controls and connectivity to AI analysis of online reviews to guest facial recognition, Hotel Management International reports on an evening that highlighted the sheer amount of technological innovation currently at play in the industry.

New love for the pre-loved

An increasing number of hotels are beginning to use reclaimed and repurposed furniture, rather than buying or commissioning new items. The goal is to ensure sustainable sourcing, encourage a circular economy and create a sense of place – but what are the challenges and advantages of such an approach? Abi Millar speaks to PJ Gilbert of Kempinski and Accor’s Eve Bourguignon to find out.

The GX factor

HFTP has partnered with Shiji Group to launch a global campaign, GX: Guest Experience Spotlight, a series exploring how the world’s leading hotels are using technology to reimagine the guest experience. Frank Wolfe, CEO of HFTP, highlights some choice profiled properties using new and established platforms and tools to enhance their offering.