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In the face of adversity

Despite ongoing political and financial instability within the country at large, the numbers for the Italian hotel market continue to look relatively healthy. However, with transaction volumes down this year compared with 2017 levels, how is the investor profile changing, where are they looking to get deals done and how attractive is the hospitality segment compared to other real-estate opportunities? With the help of Colliers International, Hotel Management International takes stock.

Soft sells

Soft brands have enjoyed significant success in the luxury segment in recent years, but a number of operators are switching their focus to independent midscale hoteliers, launching new offerings that promise the retention of independence and the ability to leverage global scale. What accounts for this shift, and how can the concept be adapted for a segment more associated with consistency and standardisation? Patrick Kingsland speaks to Philippe Bijaoui of Wyndham, Hilton’s Mark Nogal and hotel consultant Bjorn Hanson.

Size does matter

Global brands are betting big on small hotel rooms in an effort to appeal to the younger generation of travellers who want an affordable experience that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or privacy. Hilton’s Tripp McLaughlin, Premier Inn’s Carlo Del Mistro and Pod Hotels’ Richard Born make small talk with Elly Earls.

Under the influence

The rising popularity and influence of Instagram means hotels must invest in striking and unique design to attract customers. Hotel Management International hears from experts on the Instagram effect and the steps designers need to take to maximise this new source of exposure.

All’s well that starts well

The wellness industry is booming and hotels at all levels are looking to benefit. However, increased opportunities also mean an increasingly savvy guest demographic demanding something genuinely new and different. Paul King speaks to global spa leaders about the challenges of meeting those demands and why operators must adopt a ‘software approach’ when it comes to devising and delivering appropriate programming.

Healthy profits

For chefs at all levels, vegetarianism and sustainability can no longer be considered niche concerns. Chloe Scott-Moncrieff talks to restaurateur and activist Peggy Chan about blazing a trail for plant-based eating, and a hospitality career spanning three continents and a number of different incarnations.

Middle Eastern promise

The Israeli hotel market is going through something of a boom period, with performance hitting impressive levels in both city and resort destinations. Hotel Management International’s partners at STR break down the figures.

Break the system

In 2016, Shiva Foundation brought together a diverse group of hospitality players to create the Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network, whose members collectively account for 6,000 properties in more than 100 countries and employ 220,000 people globally. Meenal Sachdev, founder and director of Shiva Foundation, outlines the story behind the network’s formation and highlights its ten recommendations for combatting modern slavery in the hospitality sector.

The finer details

Hans Koch discusses the importance of creating a hotel restaurant that can stand as its own unique endeavour, while maintaining the overall ambience of the wider establishment.

Into the breach

Marriott International has fallen victim to the second-largest data breach ever recorded. In this paradigm-shifting moment for the hospitality industry, Tim Gunn brings together what we know so far to assess what hoteliers need to learn from the hack and how they can balance data security with more traditional customer-facing goals.