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Aninda Chakraborty

Combating misinformation and disinformation in the hotel industry

By understanding the nature of misinformation and disinformation and implementing robust strategies to counteract them, hotels can protect their brand integrity and maintain consumer trust

Societal polarisation and the hotel industry: Navigating challenges and opportunities

As societal dynamics continue to shift, the ability to adapt and respond thoughtfully will be key to sustaining success in the hospitality industry

Navigating the storm: How interstate armed conflict impacts the hotel industry

Interstate armed conflicts present significant challenges for the hotel industry, affecting everything from occupancy rates to supply chains

Navigating inflation in the hotel industry: Strategies and Insights

Hoteliers can mitigate the impact of inflation and maintain their competitive edge by adopting a proactive approach, leveraging technology, and focusing on efficiency and guest experience

Navigating extreme weather events: Strategies for resilience in the hotel industry

With climate change driving more frequent and severe storms, floods, heatwaves, and other extreme weather conditions, hoteliers must adopt robust strategies to safeguard their properties, ensure guest safety, and maintain business continuity

Navigating economic downturn: Strategies for the hotel industry

With government support and the guidance of industry associations, the hotel sector can emerge stronger and more resilient from economic adversities

Cyber insecurity in the hotel industry: Challenges, impacts, and mitigation strategies

Cyber insecurity poses a significant threat to the hotel industry, with potential impacts ranging from financial losses to reputational damage and operational disruptions

The impact of biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse on the hotel industry

The hotel industry stands at a crossroads, where the decline in biodiversity and the threat of ecosystem collapse pose significant risks but also present unique opportunities for sustainable development