Taj, the iconic brand from India’s largest hospitality company – IHCL, recently introduced Carecations, a series of curated travel itineraries, helping guests to partake in activities for a purpose during their travels. The unique travel-centric initiative under the company’s framework of sustainability and social impact measures, allows guests to embark on inspiring holidays specially envisaged to lead positive change for a better tomorrow.

Carecations enable direct interaction between the brand’s guests and the beneficiaries of its ESG efforts, allowing for an enlightening array of knowledge and stories to be exchanged between the two. And while they travel for a purpose and take a break from the everyday bustle, the guests can also indulge in the joys of a welldeserved, hearty vacation in the care and comfort of Taj’s legendary hospitality.

Aimed at creating an impact for the traveller, the destination and the hosts, the programme puts the brand’s guests at the forefront of its initiatives centred around supporting communities, preserving heritage and conserving nature. Each curated Carecations itinerary offers two-nights and three days of stay, including meals and a purposeful excursion designed to inspire and provide a holistic and enriching experience.

Supporting communities

Taj remains steadfast in its efforts towards public welfare, supporting the livelihoods of the underprivileged and creating sustainable career paths via learning initiatives. Guests benefit from the rich bank of stories and knowledge the beneficiaries share. From teaching needful and specially-abled children to learning about traditional ways of life, the activities covered under this pillar of Carecations are truly life-changing.

Preserving heritage

Through the journey of time, India’s rich heritage of monuments and living traditions pertaining to craftsmanship, music, dance, art and more, runs the risk of being forgotten. This is where Taj invites its guests to join hands, and its partners like Unesco, with the purpose of safeguarding and preserving these cultural gems and foster their natural transition across generations and communities. Taj invites its guests to immerse themselves within the very fabric of cultural experiences that have come to define India’s living heritage. And while doing so, it allows them to play a crucial part in positively impacting and nurturing the livelihoods of those who are ensuring that these practices and art forms are not lost with time.

Conserving nature

Taj believes in taking the lead towards creating a cleaner, greener and sustainable eco-system that nurtures all life forms and is well-preserved for future generations. From reviving corals in the seas surrounding its destinations to restoring the indigenous flora and fauna in the geographies it operates in, the brand’s environmental stewardship efforts are holistic and allow one to witness the diversity of our ecosystem, in person. The guests get to see first-hand the affects of human activities on nature and partake in initiatives aimed at reversing this impact, with the help of local partners and communities.

Allowing travellers a chance to create an impact, Carecations is the perfect choice for those who seek to combine holidays with a purpose. From parents who wish to introduce their children to meaningful travel experiences to organisations seeking to involve their employees in their CSR efforts, and from international travellers who would like to discover an unexplored dimension of travel in India to students from schools and colleges willing to embark on journeys replete with learning, the audience for Carecations is as vibrant and diverse as its itineraries.