Founded in 1984, Tecnoinox specialised in stainless steel processing for third parties, quickly equipping itself to manage the entire production cycle from steel sheet to finished product and entering the market with its first salamander. “The feedback from retailers and customers persuaded us to gradually diversify our offering, extending it to modular kitchens and combi ovens,” explains Alessio Rosa Gastaldo, sales director at Tecnoinox.

According to Rosa Gastaldo, what has not changed is the company’s sense of accountability to its partners and customers. “We design and manufacture each appliance by selecting materials and mechanical, electrical and electronic components so that the product is fully up to missioncritical use,” he explains. “This assumption of responsibility contains our promise: to provide through our authorised dealers, products and services capable of fully satisfying the needs of chefs, restaurateurs, professionals and food service operators in terms of work organisation, time and operating cost savings, and consistency of cooking results.”

“According to Rose Gastaldo, what has not changed is the company’s sense of accountability to its partners and customers. ”

Innovation is a key driver that helps the company create solutions with solid construction, performance and advanced functionability. The company’s main goals, as Rosa Gastaldo says, are to simplify processes to make the day-to-day work of kitchen staff easier, more efficient and profitable.

Sustainable sustenance

With sustainability a buzzword in many industries – let alone the hospitality sector – it is no surprise that social sustainability is already an integrated part of daily life at the company, as productivity is combined with a focus on employee well-being and corporate welfare. “This approach,” says Rosa Gastaldo, “has enabled us to focus on environmental sustainability of processes and products.”

Tecnoinox has already invested in the renewal of machinery to reduce consumption, working time and processing waste, as well as revising its inventory management and minimising its plastic usage. “From a product perspective, the focus on sustainability has resulted in the development of models that combine performance and evident savings in energy and water consumption in cleaning,” Rosa Gastaldo adds.

A whole spread

When it comes to choosing one of the key products that Tecnoinox offers the HORECA industry, for Rosa Gastaldo, the salamanders are an “iconic” product as it marked the very beginning of the company and its growth offering. They provide “ideal solutions to complete the equipment of any professional kitchen with the smallest footprint, guaranteeing versatility, speed and consistency of results,” he explains. There is no doubt as well that the modular kitchens by Core are also a well-represented product on offer, as the company’s “first innovative monobloc” with a unique worktop and modular heart built to ensure maximum ease of installation and maintenance while being customisable in every way. Furthermore, Tecnoinox offers two essential references for its oven range: the top-of-the-line combi with digital touch interface TAP, an advance and intuitive cooking solution to ensure consistency of cooking result, efficiency in organisation and concrete saving; and Tecnocompact, the company’s compact digital combi where everything is designed for a “simple, intuitive, space-saving user experience”. It is an ideal solution for kitchens where space and workflow optimisation alongside excellent cooking results and maximum control are a must. Tecnocompact is available in 6 and 10-tray GN1/1 lengthwise versions and with accessories such as integrated core probe and automatic washing.